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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dinner @ Banker's Incorporation

Dear my lil bloggie :)

Okay okay. Straight to the point. Haha. On 13th October, Banker's Inc. has make a dinner for Dean's student and student from Part 1. The theme for that nite is all about traditional. It means that we have to wear traditional clothes. Yeah. Totally lame. At first, I don't really agree with the theme. But, at least I can save my money from buying new cloth rite? Haha. So, here are some of the moments that I have captured on that nite :

 my lovely FRIENDS! - Fify, Azma & Anis

 Guitar?? :)

 Ikhwan ( SUKUN ) & Miyu!

 Me with balloon :)

 Although just a few moments that I captured but it really meaningful! It was awesome. And yes. I also have a video when my class (DIB 1B - my busuk2!) did performance. But, I can't upload the video. Huhuw. Anyway, good job busuk2! weeee :)

Okay guys. That's all from me now. Byebye (^_^)v
Sayang! I love you okay! Really really miss you! Hee :p

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